Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Forgotten Hero

How do you define a hero? According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, a hero is someone who shows great courage. Further, a hero is someone whose achievements and noble qualities are greatly admired. If you forward the same question to me, I'll say a hero is someone who you look up to. In my case, i'll say my dad is my hero for all the sacrifices he had made to raise me. Well, he did not save me from a burning castle or some deadly beasts but instead he is the reason why i am a successful person today. He is the one who supported me until i graduated from a university. If you ask me, do you have other heroes in mind? Yes, i do actually and his good name is Krishnamoorthy.

Who is Krishnamoorthy? Krishnamoorthy became a true Malaysian hero after he rescued 19 people from a ferry fire last year. This is truly awesome! Just try to picture it! Krishnamoorthy had not saved one or two lives but instead a total number of 19 lives for gods sake! He had risked his own life for the lives of others regardless of skin colour. It's a materialistic and individualistic world today and yet there are still individuals who are caring and kind enough. Krishnamoorthy is nevertheless a very good example to all Malaysians.

However, recently i had came across articles from local newspapers reporting that Krishnamoorthy is unfortunately living in poverty with his family. He used to work as an electrician but currently is unemployed. Many had promised of getting him a job but nothing had materialized so far. It's bitterful to know that no helping hands have been reached out to him including helping hands from our government. I believe, Malaysian government is not really interested in national heroes but so keen in awarding Datukship to those famous and wealthy bunch of people (Eg: Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, Datuk A, B.....Z). Don't get me wrong, i am not requesting a Datukship for our hero, but instead wondering why there are no special privileges awarded to our national hero. Example of privileges that could have been awarded to Krishnamoorthy;

a) Employment in government sector based on his qualification.
b) Enjoy special treatments/benefits in our local government hospitals.(Single room ward)
c) Special allowance given to him monthly.

By implementing these above which are merely based on my suggestions, this would further strengthen the fact that Malaysians do belong to a caring and loving society. Anyway, it's up to the government to decide how they want to help our hero, as long as something is done to ease Krishnamoorthy's burden. Please visit the below link which i came across for your further information.

Readers/Bloggers are free to voice out your comments and opinions. Have a nice day :)